National Floors Direct Offers Hardwood

December 21, 2008

About a year ago, I purchased my first home. It’s a nice place, not too big, but there’s more than enough room for myself and the occasional guest. It had one major flaw when I purchased it, though. The previous owners had bought the house in the 70s, renovated it, and then made no more updates. Maybe it’s just me, but 70s decor is just not just not my thing. Between the shiny foil wallpaper and the tye-dyed carpet I hadn’t even known that tye-dyed carpet existed, there was a lot of work to be done.

After all of the papering and painting, there was certainly a noticeable improvement. Once I arrived at the stage where I could remove the old-fashioned carpeting and put something more stylish in its place, I then had to locate affordable floor covering that was nevertheless attractive. I planned to begin with the foyer and the kitchen area because they would be seen by guests as soon as they entered. However, I realized that eventually I would be replacing all the older stuff, so I absolutely had to find flooring that was reasonably priced.

National Floors Direct was one of the major service provider in flooring that I took a look at. This place was recommended to me by a friend who had renovated his kitchen in hardwood and as I liked the renovated kitchen there I decided to give them a try. National Floors was not only place I checked out, but my decision tilted toward them as they offered to come in to my place to compare various samples against my walls as it would have been impossible for me to go into a shop and imaging how the offered ware would look in my place.

I didn’t have the budget for hardwood, but the laminate selection they had was fairly wide and I there were several options that fit well with my cabinets and countertops. (Those, fortunately enough, were not bright orange or anything else particularly hideous so I haven’t needed to replace them.) I ended up selecting a laminate that looked like cherry that looks excellent in the entryway.

The prices for the laminate at national floors direct were fairly comparable to other places that I’d visited; they were neither the highest nor the lowest although it wasn’t a particularly large range. The fact that there was no extra charge for the stairs between the entry and the kitchen, and that moving most of my large furniture was also included, was also a factor in my decision.

I was extremely satisfied with the work that National Floors Direct did. I was so pleased that I ended up going to them for living room and bedroom carpets too. It wasn’t the same crew that installed my carpeting, but like the first installers, they were very professional. I am happy with their work and with the look of my renovated house.

When it came time to remodel my home, National Floors Direct was one of the major service provider in flooring that I took a look at. My budget was not large enough to afford a hardwood floor. However, I found several of the laminate options went quite well with my cabinets and counter tops. Their prices were not the cheapest, or the most expensive. After the installation of my affordable floor covering, I was so pleased with the work they did that I returned to their store for living room and bedroom carpets too.

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