Florida Retirement Living

August 25, 2009

Florida is becoming one of the most popular retirement destinations in the United States. In fact, 9 million Americans choose Florida as their retirement location of choice, according to a survey. Aside from Americans, the British also choose to move to this state as they get older. And they choose this state for a good reason.

Wondering why you should also choose living in Florida when you retire? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. The weather – if you’re tired of the long and cold winters in your current hometown, then Florida has a lot to offer you in terms of its weather. Its overall temperature is warm although summers can be really hot.

    But aside from the warm weather, Florida is also notorious for one thing, hurricanes. However, you can avoid the impact of this and the other hazards posed by Florida’s unstable weather by living inland and far away from the beaches as much as you can.

  2. Reasonable cost of living – people also choose to retire to Florida because of its affordable cost of living. It may be a bit more expensive than most states but if you consider living near the beach, Florida is much cheaper compared to other states like California and Hawaii.
  3. The beaches – if your idea of paradise is one with long stretches of beaches, then the state of Florida may just be for you. From Miami to South Beach, you’ll have a lot to choose from here. What’s great with Florida’s beaches is that you can pick the beach of your choice not only by its location but also with what it has to offer like nudist beaches, beaches for surfing and the likes.
  4. Disneyland! – one of the things that people associate with Florida is the Florida Disney World. It doesn’t matter if you’re way past your retirement age – what matters is that you learn how to enjoy the simple things like a kid again. So to recapture that sense of awe you had as a kid, Disney World is one great reason why you should retire to Florida.
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