Is Online Math Program The Better Way to Learn?

August 10, 2007


Tips! There are many colleges that offer online accredited degrees but before you consider which college to apply to the first thing to do this to decide on your career objectives or what your present job requires and what would be the best degree subject to fit in with that requirement.

There are many online math programs available, but in all honesty, they are not all that they are cracked up to be as far as I can tell. As a tutor, I have to say that it is absolutely necessary to be able to act in person and face to face in order to teach mathematics, or any other subject for that matter, effectively, and an online math program really does not allow you to do that well at all.

In fact, online math does just the opposite, or at least I would think it would. It might just confuse the child with meaningless charts and answers which, without a qualified mathematics teacher to explain them to him or her, would be quite overwhelming and discouraging.

Of course, there are some online math programs that can be quite helpful. For example, some sites offer free online multiplication games, which allow your kid to practice multiplication drills in a fun and interactive way instead of just doing it in the usual boring method with paper and pen.

Tips! One great option for this type of person is to earn an online accredited degree. This is a degree from a college or university that has accreditation, which means it meets established criteria for each degree it offers.

This seems like it would simply be much more fun for any youngster, and since the online math is exactly the same as the normal math, except with animation and a game aspect, I really can not see the harm.

But other online math stuff just isn’t as good. If you can not learn your algebra in school, how in gods name are you supposed to learn it from some online math setup? You aren’t, that is the truth. Better than online math, there are tutoring centers all over the country to help your kid with any math that he does not understand.

Add to this the fact that many schools – more an more these days – have in school tutoring and homework help, and it should be easy for you to find a tutor without resorting to math online. The reality is that, although hiring a tutor for your child might be quite expensive compared to online math, he or she will get so much out of it that it will be well worth it in the end.

You just can’t get the personal connections or the custom tailored explanations through online math that you can with face to face contact. Working in person is the only way to go if you need any kind of tutoring, be it math or English or even history.

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